Kyle Kirkwood Feat

Kyle Kirkwood on Heat, Statements & Playoffs?

IndyCar Nashville Winner Kyle Kirkwood won his second race of the season in Nashville. He had a strong car all day Sunday dominating the race early and, after a late yellow flag, pit stop and restart, Kirkwood worked himself back to the front for the win. This was his first visit to The Freak Nation…

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Ben Maier Feat

Ben Maier on IV Help, No Practice & Boris Said

14-year-old Trans Am Driver Ben Maier made his debut in The Freak Nation Sunday night. Maier is getting great attention and help from legends such as Travis Pastrana. Maier will be featured in a new MAVTV show “On The Rise” airing Thursday night at 8PM Eastern. Ben finished ninth in Nashville in the TA2 race,…

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