Nick Sanchez Feat

Nick Sanchez on Nicky Bobby, Open Wheel & Cleaning Up

ARCA Talladega Race Winner Nick Sanchez, a 20-year-old from Miami, won the second ARCA race of his career this weekend. And, like most ARCA drivers, he came into The Freak Nation with a completely wonderful conversation including a line we’ll never forget about racing at Talladega: “You don’t know how fast you’re going until you…

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Erik Jones Feat

Erik Jones on Kids Reading, #43 & 3 Reasons to Race

NASCAR Cup Driver Erik Jones came within a few yards of winning the Cup race Sunday at Talladega. It must have been disappointing in the extreme but The Freaks talked with Jones before the race. And his personality set the conversation on fire. Especially the part about reading books to elementary school kids in his…

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Camrie Caruso Feat

Busting Through The Diversity Roof

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit. The diversity in NHRA drag racing ALWAYS stuns me. And I’ve been watching it for far more than a decade. Men. Women. Young. Old. Black. White. Brown. Asian. They all win and win championships. The latest into that salad is Pro Stock driver…

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