William Byron on Anniversary, Playoffs & Personality

NASCAR Martinsville Cup Winner William Byron talked with Crash Gladys at Martinsville this week. In fact, the conversation is another example of The Freaks Mojo! Byron doesn’t have a reputation for a big personality but he’s confident in his own personality especially when he’s away from the racetrack. He considers the track his work place…

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Jeff Gordon Feat

Jeff Gordon on Success at Hendrick Motorsports

Co-Owner Hendrick Motorsports Jeff Gordon talked to reporters Sunday night after Hendrick cars finished 1-2-3 at Martinsville Speedway, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Rick Hendrick’s first team win. Geoff Bodine got that win, nearly promising the victory to Rick Hendrick who didn’t want to go to the race. Gordon drove for Rick Hendrick and won…

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Greg Anderson Feat

Greg Anderson on Hendrick Motorsports, Glamis & NASCAR Tech

NHRA Phoenix Pro Stock Winner Greg Anderson is a longtime Friend of the Freaks. He returned Sunday night with some satisfaction at winning on the day his fellow Hendrick Motorsports drivers won in NASCAR. Anderson is a drag racing but he has a close relationship with the NASCAR side of things at Hendrick Motorsports. He…

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