Nick Sanchez Feat

Nick Sanchez on Iron, Title Chase & The Future

2022 ARCA Series Champion Nick Sanchez is ready to do the heavy lifting for more stock car titles. Sanchez is cool in his ARCA career on General Tires. But he’s ready for what’s next in his career. He won’t talk about the future with any detail but he smiles when asked about what’s ahead. He’s…

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Racquel Rodriguez Feat

Raquel Rodriguez on Gas Station Tacos, Dad & NXT Jokes

NXT Champion & WWE Superstar Raquel Rodriguez is exploding into the wrestling spotlight. She spent five years in NXT, the relative minor leagues of the sport. She learned from everyone around her especially her Dad, Rick Gonzalez, a WWE veteran on the big wrestling stage. Rodriguez is a breath of fresh air who smiles and…

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