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Kenny Sargent



Lets get the niceties out of the way…

From my humble beginnings on-air at KSHU 89.3 FM at Sam Houston State University, my resume spans 25 years. I’ve been covering a big ol’ load of rock & roll and racing on major market radio station’s KTXQ(Dallas), KLOS and Pirate Radio(Los Angeles) to television’s UPN News 13, Animal Planet, ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, MAVTV, ESPN2, SPEED, and even Nippon TV. That’s a phat ‘ol network in Japan.

When I wasn’t on the happy sauce, I was always on-point and in your face with interviews with the tops in their class. At least that is what they told me.

I think my defining motorsports moment, besides my huevoes dropping at 12 seeing Cha Cha, was my first ride, a 1974 Gremlin.

Oh yea, white with two big Longhorn burnt orange stripes down the side. The hood was packin’ a 304-double-pumping love machine with 60’s on the front, 50’s on the back, Jack Rabbit shocks on the rear and a couple of house speakers in the back seat.

Before that, I was WFO on a Yamaha YZ80 and then graduated to a Suzuki TM100. First gear was bush but fourth was a monster. Brad Lackey would’ve been proud.

What I know...

You had to freakin’ ask. Well, not much when I am awake, except that I was born in Dallas, TX. Now dreaming? Geeez… It’s a minefield of happiness and twisted two wheel cross-ups. Darwin was a rock star. And Formula One should keep their private school girl attitude out of the States. Other than that, my old man has more knowledge in his pinky toe than I’ll ever dream.

Certain people...

I love all of’em. Man, why not. Hate is like a third leg. It’s annoying.

Motorsports is…

A nice way to pay my taxes. No, it’s a middle finger for those in need of one.

Music is...

My greatest gift, next to my folks.

Best song for now…

The Traveling Wilburys’ “Wilbury Twist”

You put your hand on your head
Put your foot in the air
Then you hop around in the room
In your underwear
Ain’t ever bin nothin’ quite like this
Come on baby it’s The Wilbury Twist

Lift your other foot up
Fall on your ass
Get back up,
Put your teeth in a glass
Ain’t ever bin nothin’ quite like this
It’s a magical thing called The Wilbury Twist

You should have met…

My old baseball buddy, Jimmy Porter. He was a barnstormer in the old American Negro Leagues (and the organizer of the 1920’s Carrollton Cats, a black semi-pro baseball team) that would roll around my North Central Texas neighborhood in the 60’s with bats and gloves over his shoulder. He was always there. Inevitably, he would get our punk asses on the diamond and school us on how to play ball. Little did we know, life lessons.

Why concern yourself with...

A certain nationality of people who migrated to America, generations ago, and say they are suddenly a problem since 9/11. I have a much bigger problem with homophobes and the AIG and CITI Group punks who picked the pockets of the innocent.

My job...

Is never work. It’s been a pleasure to get my Freak On for 20+ years.

I'm not totally sure about...

How they get the lead into a pencil.

Freakin' parting shot…

Never act as smart as you could be, but for sure, never act as dumb as you really are. You’ll full’em every time. I have for decades.