Justin Brayton

Justin Brayton on Longevity, Costs & Reading Dirt

2018 & 2019 Australian Supercross Champion Justin Brayton is getting comfortable with his title as the elder statesman of Sujpercross. Brayton says this is his last year in the young man’s game. But the two-time Australian Supercross champion is embracing the opportunities at his disposal. He’s managed his career well and he’s looking forward to…

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Todd LeDuc on Monster Trucks, Clutzy & Ride the Lightning

2019 & 2020 Monster Truck Stadium Champion Todd LeDuc is a welcome guest in The Freak Nation. He started in off-road racing but now is driving a Monster Truck full-time with Lucas Oil winning championships along the way. Todd mentioned he likes competing on dirt from off-road to Monster Trucks to Sprint Cars. But his…

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