Evel Knievel Feat

Evel Knievel on Moms, Pimps, & Butte

On The Freaks 23rd Anniversary broadcast we look into the vault of incredible interviews including this one from 2002 with Legendary Stunt Man Evel Knievel. Knievel was one of The Freaks favorite guests through the years. His stories are as big as his legendary status. We cut 17 minutes into a little more than six…

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Kenny Wallace Feat

Kenny Wallace on The Snake, Pit Lizards, & Kurt Busch

NASCAR Personality Kenny Wallace has been in The Freak Nation several times. This was from 2006 when Wallace relaxed enough to take on a fellow driver on the track: NASCAR Cup Series Champion Kurt Busch. He also had some opinions on Don The Snake Prudhomme and the women who roam the pits “for no apparent…

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