Jann Mardenborough Feat

Lefts and Rights in Gran Turismo

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit. I might be the world’s worst film critic. I tend to tell people what I really think of a film. That being said, though, I saw Gran Turismo last night and kind of liked it. It’s the story of Brit Jann Mardenborough, a…

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Kyle Kirkwood Feat

Kyle Kirkwood on Heat, Statements & Playoffs?

IndyCar Nashville Winner Kyle Kirkwood won his second race of the season in Nashville. He had a strong car all day Sunday dominating the race early and, after a late yellow flag, pit stop and restart, Kirkwood worked himself back to the front for the win. This was his first visit to The Freak Nation…

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The Freakin' Grid