Angie Smith Feat

Angie Smith on Recovery, Fears & A Tough Girl

NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Rider Angie Smith is recovering from a wicked accident at Worldwide Technology Raceway outside St. Louis four weekends ago. Among other things she broke eight of her toes and required skin grafts, all of which she’s recovering from now. The description of the accident is terrifying to hear. And the recovery…

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Chris Dyson Feat

Christopher Dyson on Rushmore, Businesses & Factory Support

2023 TransAm Champion Christopher Dyson returned to The Freak Nation Sunday night after his third straight title. Dyson goes to the final event of the season at Circuit of the Americas in Texas next weekend with the race on MAVTV and his championship already in hand. Dyson’s titles goes with championship success he’s had in…

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Clown Show

Clown Show Appearing in F1

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit. Something new this week. After watching Formula One for most of my life, I’ve come to believe the industry is turning into a Clown Show. Let’s set aside the pure farce at Abu Dhabi in 2021 when officials stole an eighth championship from…

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