Richard Petty Feat

Richard Petty on NASCAR Expansion, Dirt Racing & Car Safety

Seven-Time NASCAR Champion Richard Petty is the King of Stock Car Racing. And whenever he comes into The Freak Nation it’s like talking with racing royalty. He even wears a “Cowboy Crown” to prove it! The World Wide Technology Raceway honored Petty this weekend allowing him to drive on the track alone before the Cup…

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Corey Heim Wwtr Feat

Corey Heim on New Sponsors, SIM Racing & Seat Time

NASCAR WWTR/St. Louis Truck Series Pole Sitter and Race Winner Corey Heim returned to The Freak Nation Sunday Night. He’s part of a long line of relatively new drivers emerging into the stock car racing spotlight with something to say and the ability to say it well. Heim is coming through the Toyota driver development…

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