Antron Brown

Antron Brown on Horsepower, Team Ownership & Free Trailers

The Freaks tried something very different with 2012, 2015 & 2016 NHRA Top Fuel Champion Antron Brown. He’s a longtime Friend of The Freaks but this time he came into The Freak Nation after being interviewed by TransAm2 driver Michele Abbate. Both are part of the Lucas Oil Racing family. Michele is another Freaks Fav…

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Jake Gagne

Jake Gagne on Record Wins, Ladders & Leaving San Diego

2021 MotoAmerica Superbike Champion Jake Gagne made his debut appearance in The Freak Nation Sunday night. And we enjoyed the visit. Gagne is coming off one of the great season in all of motorsports competition. He won 16 straight times last year and 17 overall. No one has ever turned in a record like that.…

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Justin Brayton

Justin Brayton on Longevity, Costs & Reading Dirt

2018 & 2019 Australian Supercross Champion Justin Brayton is getting comfortable with his title as the elder statesman of Sujpercross. Brayton says this is his last year in the young man’s game. But the two-time Australian Supercross champion is embracing the opportunities at his disposal. He’s managed his career well and he’s looking forward to…

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