Ken Block Feat

The Freaks Pay Tribute to The Legend Ken Block

It was a difficult week in The Freak Nation. A Friend of the Freaks, Ken Block, died in a snow mobile accident in Utah near his Park City home. He was 55. Ken changed the way motorsports, indeed, all sports, are marketed. The co-founder of DC Shoes saw his videos viewed maybe a half billion…

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Thanks Ken… We’re All Gonna Miss You

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit. I’ve lost friends and people I’ve admired in motor racing after 23 years of doing this and more than fifty years of being involved in motor sports. But losing Ken Block checked several boxes. Next, friendship in my definition wouldn’t be the best…

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Matt Field Feat

Matt Field Fighting to Cross the Last Frontier

2022 Formula Drift Runner-Up Matt Field came into The Freak Nation Sunday night to get on the couch about finishing second in points for the second straight season. The Lucas Oil Racing driver is one of the top competitors in Formula D. He was so close this season that he went into the last event…

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