Pierce Brown Feat

Pierce Brown on Chill, Training & Freakin’ Cold

Supercross 250SX Rider Pierce Brown visited with The Freak from his rental car while he was waiting to seet up his paddock compound in Seattle where he finished seventh Saturday night in the 250SX class. We had a fun conversation with Brown, especially when we convinced the Fellas “hiding” in the car with Brown should…

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Travis Pastrana Feat

Nitro Rallycross is a Great Circus

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit. This afternoon I stumbled onto a Nitro Rallycross show on NBC Sports. It was truly a show aimed at a specific audience like all good television. Nitro Rallycross is a dream of Travis Pastrana who helped build himself and Nitro Circus into successful…

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The Freakin' Grid