Tony Stewart Feat

Tony Stewart In The Heat of the Night

Three-time NASCAR Cup Champion Tony Stewart has become a Friend of the Freaks through the years. This appearance was 17 years ago after a hard night of partying in Sedalia, Missouri. Stewart went on a five race win streak after his appearance with The Freaks and eventually won his second title in 2005. Tony is…

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Levi Kitchen Feat

Levi Kitchen on Injuries, Speed & Learning to Win

Lucas Oil Motocross Rider Levi Kitchen was sitting on the couch maybe four years ago planning to help his Dad in the electrician business. But the 20-year-old Kitchen, who’s from Washougal, Washington, responded to a passion and got into motorcycles and launched a career. That career took a turn for the best when he won…

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Jeremy Mcgrath Feat

Jeremy McGrath Links a Career Move to The Freaks

Seven-time Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath visited with The Freaks in 2007 when he was making his move from motorcycles to stock cars. One of the best Supercross riders in history made that jump with one of the most popular in NASCAR history, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. And you’d be surprised with the role The Freaks played…

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