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Hi, I’m “Triple F” and I’ll be out here in a minute… but first, this unpaid message:

…I’d like to think we’re often asked by the SpeedFreaks faithful, “Who the hell is Triple F (not my real name)” or “WWFFFDo?” and “Where does this can of whoop ass alphabet soup fit into the grand scheme of SpeedFreaks?” Is FFF a real person or a Corporation? (which, after all, are people too, my friends)

In reality, we’re not asked that question much at all but, seeing as how I’m here and you’re reading this, I’ll give it to ya straight, with some FFFudge on it.

As FFF with SpeedFreaks, I’ve remained relatively anonymous inside the show, which helps avoiding bill collectors, FCC Fines and jury duty… but there have been those rarified occasions where I actually spill into an open mic during this gangly irreverent program sprung from the noggin of Kenny Sargent (not his real name either) 13 lucky years ago. Lately, I’ve had this nice leaky nod into airtime with my moniker gracing eccentric contributions of broken news (aka FFF News) that fill in the Non-Motorsports cracks at the end of the program.

As FFF I do twirl some of the “behind the scenes” production dials. Precious few “scenes” in radio you say? Sure, but we’ve also had three (3) different TV incarnations of this ‘Freak Show’ on SPEED, ESPN2 and MavTV and even a coupla pending spin-offs as well.

Having picked up a lawyer license along the way, I also man the legal arsenal for the show,

which often consists of striking back at seeming legions of other programs that covet our beloved SpeedFreaks name, stopping one particular in its tracks slated for a national network that would have glued our honorable title on a sure fire hit show about two guys on the run from blowing up their neighborhood meth lab.

Hint: Therein reveals the secret origin of the FFF condensation… came from it being too hard to say my F name three times on the air as our mock turtleneck law firm, an on-air “inside” joke in our wee salad days.

Precedent to SpeedFreaks, there were daring and resourceful adventures together building the Sarge’s broadcast empire which grew from an NFL halftime field goal kicking competition vs. drunks on long deceased Pirate Radio, to being a blonde drawling Texan “Geysheen” on Japanese TV “Ax-Wave,” (their version of MTV, replete with subtitles and Kenny’s cowboy boots dominating the master shot), to Kenny running dogs through gauntlets on a Discovery show with great sets & bad audio called Zig Zag Alpha Dog Challenge, to snagging Emmy Nominations doing the only Pop Music Report on a major Los Angeles News station, merging that into weekend sports anchor and a whole Sargent Saturday Night to himself in prime time UPN TV to do “whatever” and getting another Emmy nom for it.

Prior to all that FFF practiced mostly leash law and entertainment management, plus some published editorial appearances in such printed (what?) works as Rolling Stone, L. A. Times, Performance Magazine, UK’s NME, Creem, etc. and even rock concert merchandising. To date, Kenny Sargent holds the record for 307 mentions in Performance Magazine… for some reason.

People may laugh, but I also was the ‘rock commentator’ on a short lived KTLA-5 Calendar Show, hosted a rock program on KPFK radio called “The Skeptic Tank®” and could be seen on such programs as “Divorce Court” and at the end of the radio movie “FM” (look fast).

But came that fateful millennium model year 2000 when Kenny, tired of human restrictor plates, pink shirted producers pointing pejoratively at his earring before the cameras got hot at UPN, decided to be his own casting director and conjure SpeedFreaks in the kitchen sink (where most good clean ideas come from) and by 2001, SpeedFreaks the Speed Odyssey was well on its way. And is still in orbit as we speak.

Stann Findelle, Findelle & Findelle (my real name)