Simon Pagenaud Feat

Simon Pagenaud on Heat, Qualifying & The 500

2019 Indy 500 Winner Simon Pagenaud, the Meyer Shank Racing driver, finished second at the 2022 GMR Grand Prix, the road race before the Indy 500. Pagenaud walked with Crash Gladys about a number of things. and, in pure Freak Fashion, the conversation stretched from fashion, to heat, to qualifying to the Indy 500. When…

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Connor Daly Feat

Connor Daly on Fights, Promotions & TV Buzz

IndyCar Driver Connor Daly is another fun Freak frankness. We always have fun talking with Connor. He’s a Freak Spirit who doesn’t mind being candid in his conversations. At least he’s that way when he talks with us. Daly has been around the motorsports map. He knows how other parts of the racing community work…

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Amb Aero Feat

Andrew Brilliant Explains F1 Porpoising & The Kitchen Sink

Aerodynamics Consultant Andrew Brilliant visited The Freak Nation Sunday night to detail a problem that’s stumped many engineers in the Formula One garage. It’s called porpoising when the aero flowing over a race car causes the car to bounce up and down like a porpoise breaking through the surface of the water. Andrew explains how…

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