What in the heck is SpeedFreaks? Who are you?

Well, did you read the About Us section? Yeah, that might start it off well.

You might want to read each of the host bios, too. #JustSayin

SpeedFreaks (spelled ONE word with a capital F) is a national radio show that airs every Sunday night to wrap up the stories in the weekend of racing… all 52 weeks a year… all since the turn of the century.

And of course, the Freaks became so incredibly proficient at what they do over time that racing series and sponsors have hired them to host special events and parties and even TV shows on CBS, NBC Sports, Speed Channel, ESPN and MavTV, just to name a few. Animal Planet? Yeah, that was Kenny Sargent.

So paruse this site, check out the nuts and bolts sections here and contact us if you need anything FREAKIN’ else.

Yeah, we like the word FREAK. A LOT.

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Nuts & Bolts