For President and founder Kenny Sargent, SpeedFreaks came out of an all night vigil at the computer. Frustrated by what he continued to see in motorsports coverage, The Sarge decided to embark on a journey that would take a year and a half to complete. After tireless meetings, “maybes” and “let’s wait and sees,” his big ol’ dream came alive. SpeedFreaks began it’s assault on the airwaves of Los Angeles and the Internet June 25th, 2000. And let’s just say, the rest is freakin’ history.

Now, 20 years of it!

As the Christmas tree lands on green, SpeedFreaks ram their collective Chuck Taylor high tops through the floor and tell it like it is.

SpeedFreaks is a lethal combination of motorsports commentary, entertainment and lifestyle. To say this tri-fecta is lacking in today’s motorsports media coverage would be a colossal understatement.

The way we as fans look at motorsports has changed as much as the sport’s technology, speeds and technique. Therefore, with this evolution, one would think the entities covering motorsports would do the same. No, and SpeedFreaks won’t even expound.

So, with this refusal to come of age, the Freaks, like a lot of you, became bored to Texas Tears with what they were witnessing. The Freaks wanted motorsports coverage like the “F’n Outlaw” it is!

From NASCAR’s Junior “Moonshine” Johnson outrunning The Law to Andretti giving the finger to the F-1 elitists to X-Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana’s double-back flip landing… now those boys exude freak’tude in the sport!

And they do mean sport! Don’t let any half-wit tell you it is not. As Webster’s puts it, a sport is competition which “requires bodily exertion.”

Tell SpeedFreaks that Eli Tomac doesn’t “exert” his finely tuned human frame 30 feet in the air clearing triples, or Matt Hagan doesn’t ooze the substance as he man-handles his Hot Rod at 320 MPH and you might get a mouthful of Freak right back! Motorsports is the original extreme sport!

So Kenny Sargent, Statt Mann Caruthers and Crash Gladys are on a journey and they ask you to continue to ride shotgun in the Freak Nation. As an honorary SpeedFreak, you’ve helped the original Mod Squad of Motorsports sit atop the Motorsports empire for a long, long time. And frankly, they’ve come to realize, when all is said and done, ya Got Freak?

Daytona 24 Hour W J Gordon

Pit Crew