Riley Herbst Fat

Riley Herbst Remembers Ken Block with Paint Scheme

NASCAR Xfinity Driver Riley Herbst paid tribute this weekend in Darlington. It was a full-circle moment for Riley who was an enormous fan of Block who was killed in a snowmobile accident in January. Herbst told The Freaks it was hard to imagine he’d get a chance to honor Block in this way when he…

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Max Antsie Feat

Max Antsie Wins Meadowlands Mudfest

Supercross East Rutherford Winner Max Antsie came into The Freak Nation Sunday night to talk about his win in East Rutherford. Antsie is the reigning Australian Supercross champion in the SX2 (250) class. And last year was runner-up in the SX2 class of the FIM Supercross World Championship. Antsie was a fun conversation especially when…

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2022 Miami Gp Feat

F1’s REAL Drive to Survive

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit. More than 130 years ago a British Lord started the phrase: there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. In this instance, the phrase defines last weekend’s Nielsen numbers that said the NASCAR race had higher television ratings than the F1 race in the…

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