This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

There is no competitive sport equal to track and field. Especially the World Championships now in Budapest.

I got caught up in the Sunday coverage from NBC Sports.

23 World Track Logo

Watching Noah Lyles back up his past 200-meter gold with a gold in the 100 meters was incredible. Working that hard making your own device, your own body, equal to or better than everyone else in the world must be overwhelming at some point.

Watching the woman from the Netherlands fall reaching for the gold in the Mixed 4 by 400 relay. And the American team won. Gripping.

American Anna Hall needed to win the 800 meters in the women’s heptathlon by three seconds to get a gold. She won by a second and a half, missing the gold after a lifetime of training for that moment.

Watching the best athletes in the world run, jump and throw against each other is moving. And they do it eye to eye, without turning to fight each other at the disappointment.

False starts can mean disqualification. No flags. No questions. Go home. No drama matches that in any competition.

I love track and field. Real SpeedFreaks.