Alexander Rossi Feat

Alexander Rossi on Babies, Professions & Margins

2016 IndyCar Indy 500 Winner Alexander Rossi finished fifth in the IndyCar race on the Streets of Detroit Sunday. He talked with Kenny and Crash at the Indy 500 last week. The conversation had little to do with racing but it was an eye opener into the personality of Rossi. Listen…

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Will Power Feat

Will Power on Bear Rugs, Quilts & Newgarden

2022 IndyCar Champion Will Power, himself an Indy 500 winner in 2018, talked with Kenny and Crash about a number of things including this year’s race winner Josef Newgarden, a Power teammate. Will is an Australian who’s been in The Freak Nation many times. And every time it’s a comfortable conversation that might cover anything.…

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Bari Musawwir Feat

Bari Musawwir on Cleveland, Monster Rhythm & Zombie Arms

Driver of the Zombie Monster Truck Bari Musawwir had a great visit with The Freaks when the Monster Jam was in Phoenix. Musawwir is from Cleveland, Ohio but he’s lived in Florida for many years. Still, he remembers his hometown and, especially, the Cleveland Browns, a team he continues to cheer for. Listen…

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