Aaron Siminoe Feat

Aaron Siminoe Explains His Helmet Switch

AMA Arenacross Rider Aaron Siminoe made his debut in The Freak Nation Sunday night on the recommendation he’s be as wild as The Freaks for the appearance. Well, he fit right in! Siminoe had fun talking about how he becomes a different rider in Arenacross once he switches to race mode. That comes when he…

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Malcolm Stewart Feat

Malcolm Stewart on Get A Job, Dirt Bike Kids & Popularity

2016 Supercross 250CC Champion Malcolm Stewart is returning to the sport after recovering from a knee injury last season. Stewart is the brother of one of the greatest Supercross riders ever, James Stewart. But Malcolm is fighting to build his own legacy and he’s having some success at that. His popularity with Supercross fans grows…

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Julie Nataas Feat

Julie Nataas on Pinch Moments, Testing & Mental Changes

2023 MHRA Top Alcohol Dragster Champion Julie Nataas visited with The Freaks at the PRI Show in Indianapolis. Julie is still getting used to the idea of being a drag racing champion. Apparently so are the sponsors. She’s disappointed she’s not getting some call backs from sponsors she wants to bring into the sport. But…

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