Colin Braun Feat

Colin Braun on Magic Bullets, Critics & Speed Records

2023 Rolex 24 Winner Colin Braun came into The Freak Nation Sunday night after his fourth win in the iconic race. This time he won overall with three other drivers including Tom Bloomquist, Helio Castroneves and Simon Pagenaud, all part of the Meyer Shank Racing Team. They won in an incredibly fast Acura GTP Prototype.…

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The Smiths Feat

The Smiths on Championships, Motors & Better Rides Home

Six Time NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Champion Matt Smith & Pomona PSM Winner Angie Smith ended their season on top of the world last week. The Smiths were in The Freak Nation Sunday night with a great conversation about championship motorcycle engines and who builds those title winners. You might be surprised to learn that…

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