I was just freakin’ thinkin’ for a minute that some rich folks have all the luck.

A braniac witness for suspended Sprint Cup team owner and driver Jeremy Mayfield said he tried to fix mistakes in an affidavit about fake diplomas on his wall. However, his honest f’ups were still dropped live into the court proceedings.

Former NFL QB Bernie Kosar goes belly up with a BK this week. One of his IOU’s is a $3 million note to his ex-wife. Uh…

Swear! I am not making this stuff up.

Michael Waltrip, and other’s before him, pays a road course wheel grabber like Patrick Carpentier to take over the ride this weekend in Sonoma. This is still one of the weirdest things I have ever seen in racing because to me it’s like an NFL quarterback who can’t throw in wet weather giving up his job to a dude who kind of can.

Listen, Waltrip, and ever other stock car driver scared stiff to turn right, just freakin’ learn how to maneuver your big-ass-rig on a road course. You are making millions. Put some bones in the kitty for a driving school and get with it. Geez.

NFL’en Dante Stallworth is sentenced to jail. Dante Stallworth loses job (only temporarily). A man is dead. And we debate? Who’s horse did you ride in on?

Formula One is about to ignite the biggest pit fire since its formation in 1950. Billionaires are hissing and splitting. Really, today, does it matter? This will be fun to watch.

The biggest tragedy of the weekend comes from the shelves of your local super market. Nestlé’s Toll House refrigerated cookie dough is being recalled after reports of food-borne illness in 28 states.

Damn, just like Kosar, no dough on the shelves.