This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

I’m amused at all changes coming in racing.

In F1, millionaire grey beards in expensive suits are arguing with billionaire grey beards in more expensive suits about why they will no longer be allowed to spend more of other people’s money.

In NASCAR, millionaire grey beards in designer jeans are being told by billionaire grey beards in more expensive designer jeans they’ll no longer be able to cash big corporate checks and buy vineyards and real estate developments with the money.

See any common themes here?  I knew you would.  Maybe we can get back to racing where new ideas and not new checks determine who wins.

Racing always criticizes stick and ball sports because of the money that disappears into those rabbit holes.  But stick and ball followers have long understood that you can’t buy championships.  Look up the Yankees on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.  Or, for that matter, just look at  Braun GP in F1.

Maybe racing can relearn that lesson.  You think there’s a Tampa Bay Rays somewhere in the F1 or NASCAR garages?

Maybe it’s prophetic that the Rays aren’t run by a bunch of billion grey beards and the Yankees and Ferrari are.