I have a comment on the NBC coverage of today's NASCAR race.

Except for the commercial breaks I thought that the race coverage was pretty good. A lot of information was provided and the visual coverage of the race and all of the incidents was good.

I was, however, STUNNED by the lack of post-race coverage that KNBC showed. If the NBC network is going to invest ump-de-up millions of dollars to secure the broadcast rights for NEXTEL Cup races, doesn't it make sense to provide the viewers with a bit more post-race coverage? I mean, how important is "Famous Homes and Hideaways" compared to seeing Jeff Gordon and his crew kissing the bricks at Indy? How important is FHAH compared to an analysis of how the "Race for the Chase" was affected by today's results? How important is FHAH compared to the post-race interview with Tony Stewart, or Bobby Labonte, or Ryan Newman – who were all greatly affected by the outcome of today's event?

I could watch shows about famous people's homes at any time, if I were the least bit interested. I can only watch NEXTEL Cup racing once per week! Thanks NBC!!!

Thanks for letting me rant! Keep up the good work!

Robby Beck
Tustin, CA