This is the Statt Mann baby! Let’s Scatt a little bit.

Johnny O’Connell, Corvette racer, ALMS GTS champion last year with Ron Fellows and second in GTS Sunday at Mosport.  He's maybe the second best martial arts expert in his family after his wife Robin.

Johnny: "My wife, she's out of control she's so good.  She won a world championship.

Statt:  She ever work the magic on you?

Johnny: "We sparred on Tuesday."

Statt: You sparred with your wife!?  Who won that?

Johnny: "We're not trying to kill each other!  We're just doing points sparring and it was pretty even.  Yeah, she won a World Championship. 

"I finished third in weapons.  I'm pretty good with weapons."

O’Connell better keep his Weapon of choice that Corvette because it sounds like that’s where his championships will come from if Robin has her say at home.