I have been a Tony Stewart fan since 1999.  I will admit he has done and said things that I have winced at.  But, one thing is a constant Tony Stewart is an excellent racecar driver.  Any thing that has occured on the track has probably been saved by Tony's ability to control his car.  Other drivers have bumped, tagged, slammed, blocked, jacked, etc. Tony on the track on several occasions.  The difference is that Tony does not turn it into a 20 car melee!  No pun intended? 

Like Boris Said said (oops there I go again) Robby Gordon does it every week and no one says a word.  Leave Tony alone!  The media has turned it into a mob lynching.  Most people I have talked to do not even have the facts.  All they have is what the media has presented in the headlines.  (They don't read the actual article, It does not have the work JR in it).  How about we suspend the press from printing or speaking of him for one week?