This morning I enjoyed a debate on a racing forum. Believe it or not, it all came out of my defending the Chase format and how much I love it! I was amazed that it was already on someone's mind this early in the season. 

Yep, believe it or not, there are still those out there, who refuse to admit it.  Last year's Nextel Cup "Race for the Chase" format was extremely successful.  It was the closest championship race in NASCAR's history and the only championship, where less then ten points separated second from first. It was extremely exciting, watching this sports best teams race for the championship. And the race to make it into eleventh place, was great. 

I look forward to this year's Chase and, I hope, slowly the doubters will come around. But even if they do not, I will stand by my sport no matter how silly some of the decisions NASCAR sometimes make. We all need to remember; like any Sport, it is a business and if the business isn't making money it will not be around long enough for any of us to disagree with. I hope that the stands are full, the racing is good and everyone makes it through safely this year.

I will not miss of any the races except for the Mexico race.  It was boring.  I will stay loyal to this sport. I will broaden my views but never will accept NASCAR or anyone, touching the drivers' points.  I will stay true to the fact that I want to see hard racing.  I want to see bumpin' and bangin' at Bristol. Let them race, I say. Traditions are important, and as NASCAR moves into the future, I hope Mr. France will remember that traditions run deep in stock car racing and they are of importance.
Here's to the Chase, I will be cheering them all on!
Thanks again
Poet K. A. Steffek
Author of:"Poetry in Fast Motion"