So I got a press release last week regarding the women of the Toyota F1 team.  I'm always interested in reading about women in racing, so I browsed through the release and found this quote:

Panasonic Toyota Formula One Team HR Manager Rob Leupen explains: "Ever since I joined Toyota in 1995 women have been working at our organisation. So they are a part of our culture and I don’t see anything exceptional about it."

OK… is that some sort of a backward compliment?  Is he kidding or is he serious?  Is he saying that we make too much of a big deal about women in men's jobs (which is sort of true because we are most of the time just as capable, if not more)… or is he claiming that he doesn't like women at work?

Regardless, it just got me a bit heated and made me want to pimp the women of motorsports all over again… and it just so happens that the last 10 days or so have been HUGE for we fine chicas… LOTS of releases and new bits 'o info… no, nothing on the World Famous Crash Gladys – yet – but check out my compadres below!  You go girls!

Over the weekend, Sports Car driver Valerie Limoges returned to the KONI Challenge in Homestead and sat on the freakin' pole!!!!  Hell yes!  Of course I briefly saw Katherine Legge on Friday at the Long Beach Grand Prix and read all the quotes about KL in the local papers…  good on ya, girl.  Also just released a few days ago was Danica Patrick's fan club, Danica Maniacs… she's offering a cool bonus for signing up before the end of the month, so get on it, Freaks!  Even Milka Duno continued to make news as her recent entry into the Indy 500 became official.  And speaking of the Indy 500, Ms. Sarah Fisher just signed a new sponsor in AAMCO this week… nothing like money for a woman to spend!  And remember just a couple of weeks ago, NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racer Hillary Will was a featured guest on the hit TV Show "Identity".  Her drag racing femmes Melanie Troxel, Erica Enders and recent race winners Karen Stoffer & Angelle Sampey continue to race on in the NHRA, kickin' some serious testosterone ass!

But NOTHING compared to the email I received with a link to 'Racy Sue', the Scottish DTM driver named Susie Stoddart.  This is a funny, but serious, article about the first female in Formula One… in the near future that is.  Check it out and don't be too fooled by the title:  Racy Sue is Turning me Lesbo

In the meantime, GO Freaks… GO NOW and support these femmes before we get more idiots who think we aren't exceptional… though that will never happen in any American man's right mind, I wouldn't think… or they wouldn't dare!


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Please email me if I forgot anyone who should be on this list… in NO way do I want to forget a bad ass chica!  CrashG@SpeedFreaks.TV