This is the Statt Mann Baby!! Time to Scatt a little bit.

This week a Freaks Favorite Alan McNish visited with us as he prepared for the Long Beach Grand Prix. That interview will be with us on ESPN2 next month.

McNish is the defending American Lemans Series champion in the SuperCar Audi TurboDiesel. The car is a technological masterpiece. An all-wheel drive Monet if you will.

McNish has been with Audi during the creation and development of this beautiful machine. He knows it intimately.

McNish, in fact, was at Toyota when the Japanese automaker made the leap into Formula One. The resume there is far different than the championship at Audi.

Toyota has yet to win a race after spending multiple hundreds of millions of dollars. What’s the difference in the two unlimited budget efforts?

McNish said it was people and communication, as simple as that: People and communication.

Given blank paper and blank checks, it comes down to people working together doing hard work to achieve success. Funny how that works!

More proof that money can mean speed but efficient money can mean winning. Don’t you love racing?!