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I am disgusted by the Jimmy Spencer bashing by the 2004 Nextel Cup TV commentators. Wally D. and D. Waltrip have caused more than their fair share of race wrecks.

It seems that there is some sort of an agenda by certain TV Nextel Cup commentators, and some NASCAR officials to ruin any chance Jimmy Spencer Has of obtaining future sponsorship for his team for next year.

Before any review could be made of the race tape, certain NASCAR officials were eager to condemn and punish Spencer for a "racing incident". The TV commentators, eager to once again bash Spencer, roundly criticized Jimmy for intentionally running up in to the Mears car.

These broadcasters, former racers, should have been the first to point out that the Mears car came down on the Spencer car.

Again, these same broadcasters attempted to get Dale Jarrett to criticize Jimmy Spencer. Jarrett wouldn't respond to the scripted Jimmy bashing, much to the disgust of the commentator.

The obvious and outspoken dislike of some commentators against Jimmy Spencer is unprofessional, and does not belong in a broadcast of fair and impartial reporting of any Nextel Cup race.

Margaret T.