This is the Stattmann Baby.  Time to Scatt a little bit!!

Last week we asked you if a woman could have success racing in NASCAR’s Nextel Cup series.  Thankfully, 57 percent of you said "yes, she could."

As proof, I want to draw your attention to the enlightened side of NASCAR, the Grand American Road Racing Series, where a woman, Milka Duno, teamed with Andy Wallace to win a Rolex Series sports car road race at Homestead Sunday.

It’s the second win of the year for Milka and Andy at Homestead.  She’s a Venezuelan and the first woman to ever win a major North American sports car race – now twice.

To be sure, Wallace is the backbone of the team.  And Milka’s detractors say she’s just there because her family is part of the Citgo Oil sponsorship on the car.

Well, earlier this year Wallace, one of the best sports car drivers in the world, was quick to tell me that Milka is fast and learning even faster with little or no major league racing experience.

In baseball, you don’t get to the majors unless you can hit a major league curve.  And in racing you don’t get to the majors unless you can drive the curves like the rest of the major leaguers out there.

Milka Duno is proving she belongs in Victory Lane accepting the trophy and the check from some leggy muscle head who’s probably only there because he looks good.