This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

It’s disappointing to learn that the World Rally Championship has pushed hybrid and electric technology at least five years down the road.

Automakers say they were promised five years of stability with the current regulations first. I hope that’s not just something to table discussion. And what’s wrong with a demonstration class of five or ten cars?

Here in the U.S. Ford is leading the crossover to more hybrid and electric choices in the showroom. To make that step the product lineup will be cut and that makes sense. The marketplace is demanding the changes.

The World Endurance Championship and F1 have made the moves. I’m sure there is something that will crossover to rallying.

Rallycross is supposed to make the change soon. Ice racers already have an electric category. But racing with batteries in a circle is far different from sending them out into the woods for several hours. After all, that’s the way it’s done every morning going to work.

We can all agree that sitting around talking and meeting about it won’t get it into our driveways any quicker.