This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Of course there was disappointment in this camp at the way the Rolex 24 ended being called in the rain.

19-0127 Rolex RainI can imagine there were only four teams really happy with the decision from IMSA to call the race after two long Red
Flag periods to wait out the storm. Obviously, those teams were the class winners who inherited the victories.

As a fan at home, though, there was also some disappointment at the way the 24 hour race was handled by NBC Sports.
Half the time I couldn’t find the broadcast anywhere on my web enabled television.

At least FOX Sports would parcel out the mid race programming to any of several cable or internet streaming services.
But you could watch the race almost from flag to flag somewhere.

That wasn’t the case with NBC, at least not for me. Maybe I just didn’t have the latest information but isn’t that the
point? How do you build an audience if the audience can’t see the show?

Here’s hoping the upcoming season will be a little more visible.