This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

NASCAR and IMSA this weekend tried something different to keep race fans engaged during this shelter in place craziness.

IndyCar team owner Bryan Herta told The Freaks several weeks ago that he thought the idea of iRacing had merit. Now, Herta looks like a iRacingprophet with NASCAR and IMSA hosting iRacing weekends for the masses.

Even wilder, BMW pulled their drivers off the couch and out of the gym to get them involved in the Sebring Super Saturday iRacing raceApalooza.

If manufacturers such as BMW are willing to activate cyber fun will this become something we should pay attention to going forward?

For several years Nissan has had its GT Academy to get iRacing winners into an actual race. Some have even won real races and championships.

If Nissan, BMW and others can convert real fans with cyber races, we may be looking at a new reality emerging right before our screens.