This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

FansThose of you waiting for things to return to normal better take two aspirin and sleep that off. The normal we knew is gone.

Except maybe in NASCAR. Despite fan response to the new, shorter and more competitive iRacing invitationals we may see NASCAR officials return to the old norms. Let’s hope not.

IndyCar this weekend got into the sim racing shows with Sage Karam stepping out of the shadows and getting the win at a virtual Watkins Glen. Maybe in sim racing we’ll find out that some of the better drivers are on the sidelines or at the back of the pack because they can’t get ownership attention for a regular seat.

Racing is indeed a team sport including the guys back at the shop or on pit wall.

But drivers should have the greatest influence on a race. Racing is about men or women deciding who has the skills or heart to compete and win. I have the feeling that we don’t always see the best on a race weekend.

The whole point is this: we don’t know what normal will be from now on. Let’s just hope it won’t be what we’re experiencing now. I’d like to go outside again.