This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

A lot of people will be breaking their arms patting themselves on the back when this NASCAR All-Star Weekend is over. All will want to take credit for the success of the weekend.
2023 Nwilkesboro

The racing was great but the party atmosphere in the grandstands will make the weekend memorable. For a long time.

One can only imagine the conversations going forward. Like: Let’s do it again. Let’s build more seats. Let’s create luxury suites so the high rollers can enjoy the racing as well. Let’s spend, do, change. Let’s make the party what we want so we can make more money.

Obviously, that would be a mistake. Bigger is not always better. Same with more.

It’s a good thing North Wilkesboro Speedway didn’t create more than thirty thousand seats for this weekend. Thirty thousand people in thirty thousand seats is a better party than even fifty thousand in one hundred thousand seats.

Maybe the old guys making those decisions don’t understand what makes a party.

Or why fans spend hard earned money to have fun in the first place.