This is the Statt Mann Baby!! Time to Scatt a little bit.

So what did we learn from this 13 year war in American Open Wheel?

If you can understand my double negative here, I hope we didn’t learn “nothing!”

Sam Hornish; in my mind they’d all be in an IndyCar if it wasn’t for the split.

The biggest difference, though, will be within the minds of the fans who have found something else to do with their time, their passion and their money after 13 years of a split that’s driven them all away.

If all the greedy silverbacks who drove the sport into the ground the last 13 years miss this point, then they deserve the dregs they’ll receive as they try to reknit American open wheel racing.

Those silverbacks owe us big time. And I, for one, will be looking to collect on all that was taken from me, an open wheel fan, who could have enjoyed some spectacular people, places and races the past 13 years, if it wasn’t for the split.