Hey guys… I have received soooo many emails and MySpace messages with
excitement about this AWESOME IndyCar re-unification/merger/marriage
(whatever you want to call it)… and yes, I am indeed so damn excited

Some of you have wondered why I haven't kept up my
column like I promised earlier in the week and some are asking why I'm
just not responding to your emails.

Well, it's been a hard week
for me personally (as of Wednesday) and I'm sorry, but even though the
business news in my life is beyond thrilling, I'm dealing with a cat in
the ICU (Intensive Care) who is virtually on life support. Damn cancer
has threatened his life and the surgery to remove his tumor (which
should have been a bit on the normal side) took a turn for the worse.

some of you roll your eyes and say, "…big deal, it's just a cat," let
me tell you that this is my son. First of all, I may never have
children of my own, so my cats are the world to me in that regard.
Secondly, I consider animals as the only pure thing left in this
world… they are unconditionally loyal, they don't care if you have a
bad day – they still want to love you just as much as the day before,
they have no concept of evil and only want to place good times and
memories in your life. Well, my cats have gone beyond that even…
without being too repetitious, they, along with my family and best
friends, are my life!

Back to work… I will put up another
opinionated column on the merger of the IndyCar series (with Champ Car)
after our national radio show tonight. Don't forget to listen to us
live as we'll have some incredible opinions from Mario Andretti, Jimmy
Vasser and others in the sport… all LIVE for you!

Call in and be a part of it: 1-86-69-FREAKS

check the website to see if we have a radio station in your area or if
you'll need to listen to us on Sirius Satellite channel 122 or live via
the net: www.SpeedFreaks.TV

Thanks for your patience, Freak Nation… here's to a great IndyCar 2008!


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