This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

What do you think about NASCAR’s desire to limit the size of an owner’s team?

NASCAR says limiting cars could see more sponsorships for more teams.

The bigger teams say it’s not fair to interfere with their business models.

But that’s the American way, isn’t it?  Whatever the traffic will bear!

Bigger is better!  Get… Have… More, More, More!

So, do we need extra teams in the garage or competitive cars on the track?

So what if five or six own all 43 cars?  Do we need 43 cars?

I heard Jack Roush this morning get pretty defensive when questioned about this issue.  Some say the change is aimed at him because he’s finally the Silverback after years of nail biting business building.

Thinking out loud: we need cars to hold a race, not rich guys.

So a plan that creates more cars is a good one, right?

Then again, I’m not a rich guy.

What do you think?