Editor's Note:  Our Michael Schumacher question generated near record responses to our weekly poll with more than 90 percent agreeing Schuey's days are over as a competitor for the Formula One title.  Go vote if you disagree! Schumacher has lots of passionate fans in The Freak Nation, though!!  Here's an example.  There were LOTS more!!

Hello Guys:

“Is the Michael Schumacher era over?“  What a question!

So Michael comes in third in the championship and a lot of folks have all sorts of announcements of doom and gloom.  Fact is that Alonso, while a good driver, only won the championship because McLaren didn’t get their act together until mid-season and Raikonnen had some exceptionally bad luck.

While Raikonnen may give Schumacher some fierce competition in the coming years, I believe that Alonso’s skill level is not up to par with the former two.

As for the Schumacher era being over: Gimme a break.  And what with all the criticism of Ferrari?   No one on your panel even mentioned the fact that Ferrari had a distinct disadvantage this season running on crappy tires.  Bridgestone did not have any of the experience Michelin has gathered at venues such as LeMans, the ALMS series, the Rolex Series, the Porsche Cup, and the DTM. (etc., etc.)

Just check the results of all 18 races, save Indianapolis, and put them in context of tires used and you will immediately see what happened this season.

I for one hope that the ridiculous one tire set rule will be retired.  Such a rule is appropriate for amateur competition but not for the crown jewel of motorsports.

Given some competitive rubber Michael will surely win another championship, or two, or three, or ???

Best Wishes
Michael Verheyden
San Anselmo, CA