This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

The President this week reached out to the den of thieves we call banks.  He said the nation came to your aid now it’s time to come to the aid of the nation’s economy.

What would happen if we applied some of that same thinking to motor racing?

For years fans have spent billions buying overpriced tickets and t-shirts and what are they getting now in return?

They’re getting a centralization of racing resources in a few fat cat teams.  They’re getting less competition.  And they’re getting boring races. 

I’m always amused when racing people step in front of the cameras and say: “We do this for the fans.  We love the fans.”

But now that the drivers, owners, promoters and sanctioning bodies have a chance to prove it, we see the fans left wanting; wanting better races, better access and better prices at the trailers.

Instead, much of the racing world is shutting down next year putting the fan’s hard earned dollars back into those thief dens called banks.

Racing always wants to say it’s entertainment.  But in down economic times, the entertainment industry often expands.  Racing, instead, runs and hides.