This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

At some point we need to come to grips with this issue of racing in the IRL.

Sure, we all want to see Champ Car and the IRL merge back together.  And, sure, there may not be enough fans, engines, money or talent to fully support two series.

But if close competition is the yardstick for entertaining competition, you must look at the IRL as one of the most entertaining racing series in America.

When we look at NASCAR and say everything is great because the racing is close, then why don’t we respond to the IRL in the same manner?

The cars in the first two rows of Indy 500 qualifying today were within one mile an hour of each other.  Six to ten cars legitimately have a chance to win the race.

And the race endings are legend.  A couple years ago the AVERAGE for all races was less than a second covering the podium finishers.

If it’s drama you like, how can you overlook the emotions that washed over Indy rookie Danica Patrick, one of the fastest all month, who just missed the pole because of a bobble in turn one.

Argue whatever you want.  By this time your opinion is probably fixed in whatever camp it rests.

But you’re not being realistic if you can’t find some props for what the IRL has become on the racetrack.