We’re talking about ‘Country Music being the soundtrack of NASCAR’?

Naahh!  Of course except for Dwight Yokum, Alan Jackson, and Brooks & Dunn there hasn’t been anybody singing traditional country music since that bubble-gummy junk called ‘New Country’ came on the scene about fifteen years ago…and who wants that as background music? Let’s not even talk about those ‘Crossover Yodeler Racket-Maker’ chicks like Shania Twain or Faith Hill…she doesn’t even write her own music, thank gawd!

Rap is the same old yawn, a bunch of delinquents from the ‘hood and a drum machine talkin’ the same tired hate with the same tired beat.

Pop doesn’t have the balls to make a stand.  Can you imagine those little girly-men trying to belt out some really intense lyrics? They’d probably faint and pee their pants!  The pop women are gorgeous but see ‘Yodeler Racket-Makers’ above about making annoying noise.

Now, rock moves you.  Rock gets your ass out of the seat and gets it doin’ the boogie thang.  That sweet little thing you’ve been eyeing all night is standing up and shakin’ her moneymaker, gettin’ all hot dancing to that groove gettin’ a little bead of sweat on that soft neck that you hope to lick off later!

Now, THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!