After last weekend’s announcement of the Team Hendrick plane crash and the tragic deaths of ten people, we’ve stayed on the sidelines for a few days.  So much has been said and suggested that adding our voice was unnecessary.  We’ve received several contributions to our Get Behind the Wheel section of  All called for prayers for the families involved in the crash.  All rightfully said the tragedy will be felt for years within the NASCAR community.

The memorial services this week reflected that.  There was a candlelight vigil outside the Hendrick Racing compound Wednesday night.  There were touching memorial services Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon for the victims of the crash.

At a time like this, many will focus on the tragedy and the pain felt by anyone attached to the victims or their families.  All week the various conversations have reminded me of similar conversations many, many years ago in the Mideast where a man who had much had it all taken away in a few days; his family, his riches, his belongings, his stuff as George Carlin might say, all taken away nearly at once.

The man’s friends at first shared in his pain, then slowly started accusing him of doing something to deserve the tragedy.  They spent days arguing the point before there was an intervention and the man had everything restored and then some.

It seemed he was the only one strong enough to withstand the crippling challenge of such a tragedy and that’s why the Lord picked Job to face it.

We don’t begin to imply that last Sunday’s crash was anything but a tragedy.  But from what we’ve learned, Rick Hendrick has the Spiritual strength to go through it.  Pray for him but watch him battle through to the other side and learn something.  In addition to praying FOR his family, take a moment and learn something FROM it.