This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

The Freaks have done a lot of traveling lately.  We’ve been all over The Freak Nation visiting with some of the best people in all of motorsports.

We’ve also seen some of the ugliest, most abject attitudes and racism I’ve ever seen. And that covers a lot of ground!

It’s more evidence that racing is people and not technology or money or marketing programs.

We’ve all heard the great line: Racing started when they built the second car.

The person driving that second car still exists and still wants to prove his’n is better than your’n.

A veteran tractor pulling champion told me this week that his sport started just like that.  Now they’re spending millions to continue proving his’n is better than your’n.

I’ve always said racing’s a part of life and life’s about people and that includes the warts, pimples and ugliness.  Funny thing, though.  Without the warts and pimples we have no way of appreciating the serenity of a beautiful sunset.

The warts, pimples and ugliness will always be there.  It’s the beautiful sunsets I want to embrace.  And that includes a dazzling drift, a four wheel slide around a mountain road or a black Boss Mustang with a 429.

It’s all good…