What a coincidence that Tony Stewart is in the Freak Nation tonight, AND is on one the biggest hot streaks NASCAR has seen. Even for Smoke! 3 wins, and a top 5 in 4 weeks. Still not impressed? Thats ok, Tony doesn't care what you think. Well thats not EXACTLY true. He LOVES it if you are pulling against him. Becayuse when he's in a fight…… hell my moneys on the guy that drives anything with 4 wheels. I know Dale Junior was just voted Most popular driver, and Jeff Gordon has his loyal legions of fans, and Kasey Dawson's creek Kahne has every 17 year old girl dreaming about walking down the aisle in Charlotte like Brooke Gordon, But Tony Stewart is STILL the guy to beat. If it's posible! Chase forthe championship? Maybe, nut it just may be Chasing Tony as soon as the playoff begins. Forget about peaking too soon and all that other crap. Stewart still hasn't PEAKED. But look for him to do it sometime in september, and then lifting that big ass Nextel cup hardware in New York city!!!!! 

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