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F1 drivers have left the grid to go to NASCAR, so why not have a NASCAR driver make the leap to Formula 1? USF1's Peter Windsor reportedly has his eye on NASCAR bad boy Kyle Busch to pilot the team's single-seater in next year's championship. The 24-year-old Busch is said to have massive talent, and he's tallied a fair number of wins in his five years of racing in three NASCAR series.

We like the idea of an American pilot who isn't from IndyCar, especially considering the record of American drivers with that background, Mario Andretti excluded. It's still surprising, however, that Windsor, who well knows the crucible that is Formula 1, would want to put an F1 rookie in a brand new car for a brand new team. Pilots with years of F1-specific grooming and success in feeder series like GP2 have burst like melons on concrete when elevated to F1 (Piquet, Jr. and Grosjean, anyone?). If USF1 does make it to the grid (Ecclestone seems to think they won't), we hope they've got drivers who can help them show well.

Really, Busch would blow in the series but in my opinion, if I was a major corp, I'd fund this sumbitch to the hilt just to see KB rock the F1 prudes. Legend man, legend.

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