Of course flyin' around on $66 million dollar private jets is cool (note: price edited after reading Lugg Nuttz' column… apparently I had undervalued KK's Gulfstream as a mere $50 mil), but when you get to actually hang out with the stars of a racing series on that same jet, well, some words can not describe the insanity.

From the Freaks learning of some extremely shocking claims about AJ Foyt IV at last year’s Indy 500 (remember he had a massive effect on the Champ Car points standings after colliding with the then current pts. leader Bruno Junqueria) to learning about the strong friendships many of these drivers truly hold with each other to listening to their thoughts on the stereotypes of other racing series, it was LARGE.

One of the more memorable moments was AJ Allmendinger creating an imitation of Paul Tracy’s victory speech for when Paul takes his first win in NASCAR.  He grabbed our SpeedFreaks mic, stared into the camera and made sure to include ALL the typical things drivers say in their post race interviews.  Just from my memory bank I remember him saying things like,
        “Yeah, we just had to git-er-done out there today… elbows up I drove her flat out…
        we had to take a wedge out of the left rear and that helped for us to run our day
        long race in the front… like I said we just got-er-done thanks to my 200 sponsors
        (insert rattle them off here) and the guys back at the shop…”

In typical goofy AJ style, it was hilarious.

Then Atlantic polesitter, Alan Scuito, asked another question.  Alan, by the way can seriously challenge AJ in a contest of “Who can text their friends faster”… and I thought Lugg Nuttz was the worst offender!

Anyway Alan asked AJ, “Well, what would you say if you finished 39th in a NASCAR race.”  Without hesitation, in true AJ style, he answered,
        “Well I didn’t get-er-done the way I wanted to today, but that’s OK because the 6.7
        million dollars I got for finishing 39th will help in the other 50 races we race in
        this year.  Yeah, we don’t have a life, so the money is good.  We’ll take her back
        to the shop and fix her up.”

Another funny moment came when The Face of Champ Car, Brandi Latimer, was discussing past boyfriend problems and Atlantic winner/ current Champ Car driver Katherine Legge chimed in.  With quite a bit of certainty, she let it be known that if any boyfriend did her wrong she would, “Chop off their bits with a dull spoon.”
    Of course insert your own proper English accent… NICE!

Oh yeah, how could I forget this comedy… what would you do if you were Oriol Servia and you were asked by a media outlet in San Jose, "Is this the first time you have been paired up with a woman?" 

Of course the interviewer was asking about him being teammates with Katherine Legge at PKV Racing this year…

… uh huh.

And another humorous moment occurred when AJ Allmendinger met up with some of his Red Bull pals in Portland.  They ended up playing some mean games of pool, where the loser was required to throw back a Yager Bomb (shot of Yagermeister inside a glass of Red Bull).  Well, calling himself “The Dinger”, AJ was just full of confidence.  He and Justin Wilson make a damn good team, I tell ya!  They NEVER lost… out of nowhere, we asked where his Red Bull buddy was and all it took was us looking out the window to see him RUNNING to a cab to take him home!  He had definitely had enough of the RuSPORT pool beating!

Yeah, it was a good time had by all… and that was just the first day!  Definitely the perfect way to kick off a great season coming up!

Much more Champ Car fun to follow… 🙂